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Latest Emoji Additions You Might Want to Use

Emoji are an efficient way of communicating tone through text messages and are considered by many people to be an important part of instant messaging. These emoji are constantly updated, and the latest batch was approved back in September 2021 by Unicode. The rollout timeline has been different for each company, with Android 12L phones getting the updates in October 2021, whereas Apple users had to wait until the iOS 15.4 update in March 2022.

Melting Face emoji

The first emoji on our list is the melting face emoji, which depicts a smiling yellow face melting into a puddle. You could use the emoji to talk about literal situations of extreme heat, or you could use it metaphorically to show embarrassment.

Emoji with hand over mouth

This emoji has a yellow face with open eyes and an open hand over the mouth. It is used to display shock or surprise. One of the reasons it was created was to eliminate confusion caused by a similar emoji, which appears with smiling eyes on some devices and non-smiling eyes on other devices.

Emoji with peeking eye

This emoji has a yellow face with a straight mouth, wide eyes, and hands over its eyes. A gap between the fingers on its left hand allows you to see its eye better. It can be used to portray the feeling of “can’t watch, but can’t look away” that comes with something distressing but captivating.

Saluting emoji

This emoji is a yellow face with its right hand making a salute sign. It can be used as a sign of respect or affirmation. Only the right half of the face can be seen on Apple devices, but the full face can be seen on other devices.

Dotted line emoji

This emoji is a neutral face on a clear background with a dashed outline. You can use it to represent invisibility or communicate the feeling of “I wish I weren’t here”. It is taken from an established comic book trope where dashed lines around a character indicate that they are hidden or invisible.

Diagonal mouth emoji

This emoji is a yellow face with neutral eyes and a closed, slanted mouth on a bottom right to top left diagonal. You can use it to express frustration, disappointment, skepticism, and many other emotions.

Emoji holding back tears

This emoji is a yellow face with a small smile and two large eyes with tears welling up at the bottom of them. You can use it to express many feelings, including extreme cuteness, gratitude, and love.

Index finger pointing

This emoji is a hand with its index finger pointing directly at the person looking at the emoji. It is best used to describe the concept of “you” and can be used accusingly or encouragingly.

Heart hands emoji

This emoji is two hands forming a heart shape with their fingers. It is often used to express support and love to its recipient but could also be used sarcastically.

Palm up hand emoji

This emoji is a side-on hand that has the palm facing up. You could use it in a demanding manner, where the outstretched hand wants to be filled. It could also be used in a supportive way, offering support to its recipient.


Emoji like these are useful for adding color and tone to our messages, no matter the subject. For example if you’re messaging your friends about the thrilling experience of playing the monopoly megaways slot, you can add an “Emoji with hand over mouth” to express your surprise over how much fun you’re having!

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