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Welcome to, a free-to-use nonprofit, independent website with emojis and smileys you can use online for free. We have put a smile on people's faces online since 2006 to make the internet a bit more expressive and colorful.

Take advantage of that; we have added emojis to our ever-expanding library of smileys, emoticons, and emojis. Check out the most popular emojis, as well as thousands of others. All are free to use, and we have made it very simple for you to copy the emojis. We have added apple emojis, which might be the ones that are the most famous. But we also have emojis from Google, Samsung, and Facebook, as well as emojis from other places. Don't worry; we still offer old-school smileys as well, which makes this a unique website in its own right.

Copy and paste emoji anywhere or to Facebook, Google, Windows, Apple, or Twitter apps. Here you'll find emojis showing fire emoji, nerd emoji, thumbs up emoji, crying emoji, sad emoji, thinking emoji, angry emoji, moon emoji, kiss emoji, confused emoji, sunglasses emoji, peach emoji, snake emoji. More than 100 emoji are waiting for you completely for free.

Most popular Emoji:

Shrug emoji

This raised shoulder emoji is one of the most popular ways to express that you don't know something. A shrug emoji is a person shrugging that is lifting up their shoulders with their hands out, and palms out. The shrug emoji is also used to express that you don't care about the result in a particular situation. Check out the coolest shrugging emojis here:

Heart Emoji

Express your love and emotions with just a single symbol - the heart emoji. Whether it's a message to your loved ones, a comment on social media, or a sweet text to brighten someone's day, the heart emoji speaks volumes in just one tiny icon. It's the universal language of affection, bringing warmth, joy, and love to every interaction. Let your heart emoji do the talking and spread love wherever you go!

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Current phase of the moon emoji

The current phase of the moon emoji, symbolized by moon, encapsulates the mystique and wonder of lunar cycles in a single image. With its serene depiction of a partially illuminated moon against the night sky, this emoji invites contemplation and awe. Whether waxing or waning, the moon emoji mirrors the cyclical nature of life, offering a glimpse into the eternal dance of celestial bodies. Its presence in digital conversations adds a touch of cosmic beauty, prompting reflections on the interconnectedness of the universe. So, next time you're marveling at the moon's splendor or pondering life's mysteries, let the current phase of the moon emoji illuminate your messages—it speaks volumes in the language of the cosmos.

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Sad emoji

In the vast landscape of digital expression, few symbols convey the depth of sorrow quite like the sad emojis. These tiny icons, with their downturned mouths and teardrop-laden eyes, encapsulate the weight of melancholy in a mere glance. Whether it's a fleeting moment of disappointment or a profound sense of grief, the sad emojis stand as silent witnesses to the spectrum of human emotions. They speak volumes without uttering a single word, offering solace to those navigating the turbulent seas of sadness. So, when words fail to convey the ache within, let the sad emojis become the voice of your sorrow, uniting hearts across the digital divide.

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Thinking emoji

If the heart is pretty self explanatory the thinking emoji might have a bit more depth. It can be used in different ways by different people. The most obvious way to use it is to show that you are thinking of something. But it can also be used instead of "hmm". As to say "hmm.. sounds interesting" or "I am not so sure about that". It can be used in a playful, sarcastic or even mocking way. Either way the thinking emoji is one of the most popular emojis…we think.

Poop emoji

The Poop emoji, also know as the pile of poo emoji sounds a bit disgusting at first. But the creators have managed to make it into a cute pice of poo by adding big eyes and a happy face to it. We have never been so happy to have poo thrown in our face (not literally speaking of course). It is used to illustrate if something really stinks as well as in a more positive, more silly context.

Fire emoji

Feeling hot? Then the fire emoji is a great way to express that! Or maybe you just want to express how hot that guy or girl was that just walked by. Or maybe you just lit your apartment on fire and want to give people a heads up… no in that case you might want to call the fire department (there is a smiley for that one as well).

Thumbs up emoji

This is an easy one to understand. A thumbs up emoji is a great way to express approval or any other positive emotion. Some use it to say "yes" or if you have facebook you use the thumb to like something. Either way this belongs in the top searched for smiley in the world.

Uno Emoji

Together with our friends at we are proud to announce the worlds first Uno emojis. You will find all the smileys from one of the most popular games on earth right here on!

Get Unorules Emojis is one of the oldest websites with smileys that is still online. We have provided different types of smileys since 2006 and keep doing it to this day. This site was launched because we observed the ways communication was changing online. It started with a simple website with a few simleys and grew together with the rest of the internet. The popularity of forums and later blogs absolutely erupted and the use of smileys as well. Since the being of this website times have changed. Even when was new the ways we communicated online had changed. Nowdays, with the growth of different emojis times have once again changed. And so has my smiley.

Over the past few years, you must have noticed a drastic improvisation in the emojis, emotions and smiley. It was started out as a simple smiley face, but now it has been evolved into animated smiley or emoji. If you compare them it would be like comparing sticky smiley that you paste on walls and developing a complete animated cartoon. Nowadays, the way people communicate to each other is quite different in comparison with the previous times. You must have noticed that in the introduction of the emails, social networking sites and texting, there is minimal face to face interaction. It is unfortunate that the written text doesn't come out with the same feeling the way you might have spoken it, this is where the smileys come into play. If you are sending a message to your friend or an email to your colleague, smiley would help you to get into the point or mood across. Simply adding a free smiley face to your written text would let others know that you are being sarcastic or in a jolly mood, whereas on the other hand a bad smiley would convey them that you are in no mood to entertain. We offer all kinds of free animated smileys test to you.

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One of the most happening things about free animated smileys is that they help in reflecting your mood to others. One can simply select sad ones, happy ones, goofy and mad ones. Not only this, there is a huge rail of smiley available here, which signifies occasion, festivals, games, cartoon characters and much more. You are not required to draw something unique to tease your friends, all you need to do is simply select the free smiley and paste them where ever you like. These free smiley face emotions and symbols have become extremely passable in the digital communication. Writing text isn't enough in today's scenario, you need to add a smiley to enlighten it up. You must have seen that the support of smiley is present in the email services as well as chat applications. Even the popular blog engines support in converting the character in smiley. It feels delightful when a single smiley convey your feelings to others. One can easily get most popular smiley at our site as we are dedicated to provide you with free smileys. One can find animated smileys and emotions to convey your message in an impressive manner. These smileys have deep psychological intention when it comes to communication.

Have a look at our website completely to get latest animated smileys and emojis.

The history of the smiley

We all know the round yellow circle with two dots for eyes and the banana-shaped smiling mouth. Who would have thought that this smiley would become so popular around the world and in a kind of way change the way we communicate, at least online.

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But when did this all begin? Who did the first smiley? These questions will be answered here on But if you want to learn more check out this great wikipedia article.

The classical smiley as we know it was created by Harvey Ball in 1963. However smileys or smiley faces have been around a lot longer. In 2017 archaeologists found a pot dating approximately 1700 BC in Turkey wit ha smiley face on. Fast forward to the beginning of the 20 th century Danish poet and author Johannes V. Jensen used a happy and a sad smiley face in his letter to his publisher. In the Ingemar Bergman movie Port of Call from 1948 Berit draws a sad face on the mirror. But the smiley we all known and have come to love is still credited to Harvey Ball in 1963. It was created by the artist for the Hannover Insurance company to raise the morals among the employes. Who would have known that it would change the way we communicate?


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